Upgrade TSM na a „ANR0151W Database manager fails to start“

Pokud upgradujete starší verzi TSM na 8.1.2, můžete narazit na to, že služba dsmserv nenastartuje.
V dokumentaci IBM najdete, že máte updatovat instanci DB2, ale výsledek může vypadat takto:

[root@tsm01 ~]

# /opt/tivoli/tsm/db2/instance/db2iupdt tsminst1
DBI1446I The db2iupdt command is running.

DB2 installation is being initialized.

A major error occurred during the execution that caused this program to
terminate prematurely. If the problem persists, contact your technical service

For more information see the DB2 installation log at „/tmp/db2iupdt.log.4956“.
DBI1264E This program failed. Errors encountered during execution were
written to the installation log file. Program name:
db2iupdt. Log file name: /tmp/db2iupdt.log.4956.


This message is returned when some processes and operations have failed.
Detailed information about the error was written to the log file.

User response:

Contact IBM support to get assistance in resolving this issue. Keep the
log file intact as this file is an important reference for IBM support.

Related information:
Contacting IBM Software Support

IBM říká k problému toto: http://www-01.ibm.com/support/docview.wss?uid=swg21974531

Vylistováním logu příkazu db2iupdt se ukáže pravý důvod problému:

[root@tsm01 ~]

# cat /tmp/db2iupdt.log.4956

DB2 Setup log file started at: Mon Sep 25 12:09:54 PM 2017 CEST

Operating system information: Linux 2.6.32-696.10.2.el6.x86_64.#1 SMP Tue Sep 12 14:33:29 UTC 2017 x86_64
ERROR: Unable to open the file „/local/tsmdata/tsminst1/sqllib/ctrl/.fencedID“.
Ensure that this file exists.

ERROR: The „db2iupdt“ command failed. Ensure that errors reported in the log
file are fixed, then rerun the command.

Post-installation instructions

Required steps:
There were some errors detected during DB2 installation. To collect the information files from the system, run the „db2support -install“ command with the proper options before reporting the problem to IBM service. For information regarding the usage of the db2support tool, check the DB2 Information Center.

DB2 Setup log file finished at: Mon Sep 25 12:09:57 PM 2017 CEST

V adresáři instance tsminst1 databáze (u nás /local/tsmdata/tsminst1/sqllib/ uvidíte kromě adresáře ctrl i adresář ctrl_old. V něma samozřejmě soubor .fencedID je. Nakopírujte ho do adresáře ctrl a update db2iupdt spusťte znovu. Výsledek bude vypadat radostněji:

[root@tsm01 ~]

# /opt/tivoli/tsm/db2/instance/db2iupdt tsminst1
DBI1446I The db2iupdt command is running.

DB2 installation is being initialized.

Total number of tasks to be performed: 4
Total estimated time for all tasks to be performed: 309 second(s)

Task #1 start
Description: Setting default global profile registry variables
Estimated time 1 second(s)
Task #1 end

Task #2 start
Description: Initializing instance list
Estimated time 5 second(s)
Task #2 end

Task #3 start
Description: Configuring DB2 instances
Estimated time 300 second(s)
Task #3 end

Task #4 start
Description: Updating global profile registry
Estimated time 3 second(s)
Task #4 end

The execution completed successfully.

For more information see the DB2 installation log at „/tmp/db2iupdt.log.6336“.
DBI1070I Program db2iupdt completed successfully.

Nyní již služba dsmserv půjde nastartovat v pořádku.
-bash-4.1$ dsmserv
ANR7800I DSMSERV generated at 00:24:12 on Jul 29 2017.

IBM Spectrum Protect for Linux/x86_64
Version 8, Release 1, Level 2.000

Licensed Materials – Property of IBM

(C) Copyright IBM Corporation 1990, 2017.
All rights reserved.
U.S. Government Users Restricted Rights – Use, duplication or disclosure
restricted by GSA ADP Schedule Contract with IBM Corporation.

ANR7801I Subsystem process ID is 16805.
ANR0900I Processing options file /local/tsmdata/tsminst1/dsmserv.opt.
ANR0010W Unable to open message catalog for language en_US.UTF-8. The default language message catalog will be used.
ANR7814I Using instance directory /local/tsmdata/tsminst1.
ANR4726I The ICC support module has been loaded.
ANR0990I Server restart-recovery in progress.
ANR0152I Database manager successfully started.
ANR1628I The database manager is using port 51500 for server connections.